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Custom Plastic Signs

Custom printed plastic signs from TNT SIGNS is the perfect solution for yard signs, wall signs  or any  semi-temporary application! Light weight and cost effective, plastic signs can be custom printed and cut for your specific needs.


From creation to installation we can help with professional grade plastic sign products and services! TNT SIGNS is capable of printing plastic signs in any size, color or quantity.  

Contact our team for help with all your plastic sign  products and service needs!

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Yard Signs made by TNT SIGNS!

Product Information: Plastic signs are made from a variety of materials and thicknesses. 

  • Courragated Plastic 4MM, 6MM and 10MM

  • Expanded PVC 4MM, 6MM and 10MM

  • Polyethelene UV Stable .055

  • Styrene Indoor .023, .092

  • Composite 4MM, 6MM and 10MM

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