General Layout Requirements:

  • 1-Up composite - one copy per item, one item per page.
  • Colors used are CMYK for 4 Color Process and PMS  or our Standard Colors for Spot)
  • Actual Size - Artwork reflects product size. (large format 1/2 scaled ok)
  • Fonts are embedded or outlined.
  • 1/8 inner margine - anything that doesn't bleed, is 1/8" from edge of product. (scaled for large format)
  • When providing artwork with bleeds, please make sure the bleeds exten at least 1/16 to 1/8 beyond the product size. (scaled for largle format)
  • All black text is 100% black.
  • Objects are not set to overprint.
  • Photos & Raster images are 300 dpi minimum.
  • PMS colors are assigned in spot color files (vector required) 



PDF - From any native application. This is the best file format.
EPS - include crop marks or cut line.
TIFF - high resolution (300 dpi minimum for Full color, 600 dpi for Spot Color)
*Large format saved to half size scaled.


Common Issues:

  • Low resolution Image - Art that is low resolution will be blurry and have jagged edges and will not look good especitally in large format applications.
  • Bleeds and Margins -Not using bleeds and margins in artwork.
  • File Types - FIles like giffs, png files are not suiteable for printing.
  • Fonts - Fonts not converrted, embedded or provided.